Tips For Planning The Perfect Outdoor Party

Tips For Planning The Perfect Outdoor Party

Planning the perfect party can be difficult. Planning one where you guests spend time outdoors, especially in the warm summer months, can be even more difficult. After all, outdoor events tend to be a little less under control.

That doesn’t mean you can’t plan the perfect outdoor party and send your guests home with a head full of great memories though. Keep reading to learn more about planning the best outdoor party possible in your home.

Invite Guests Early

Before you start thinking about food or entertainment, what you really need to is work on that guest list. Unless you’re having a party for kids, sending invitations out weeks in advance is a must.

Adults have busy schedules, and even if they want to attend your party, they’re going to need to make room for it in their lives. Don’t wait until the week before your party to start sending out invitations, especially if you want to put them in the mail the old-fashioned way.

Put Perishable Food Indoors

Having your guests outside can be an excellent way to enjoy the weather and keep your home free of dirt and messes. That doesn’t mean putting every bit of food you plan to serve out there is a wise idea though.

Instead, consider setting up a perishable food station in your home somewhere near an outdoor access point. For example, a sandwich buffet in the dining room, which is likely near a patio door of some kind, can allow you to keep food from getting warm in the sun.

There’s no way to have a killer party if all of your guests get sick because of the food.

Don’t Let Bugs Get You Down

One of the worst things that can happen to a great outdoor party is a bug infestation. That’s why you need to go out of your way before the party to make sure bugs won’t get in the way of your guests’ good time.

You can do this with basic tools like a mosquito larvae trap and tiki torches. Candles designed to emit citronella are also ideal for the evening hours when the sun goes down and the bugs start to come out.

Don’t leave your guests scratching bug bites for a week if you want to have a memorable party at your home.

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