Ideas For Memorable Hens Night Activities

Ideas For Memorable Hens Night Activities

The Hens Night has landed; all that exists now is your girls, the clock, champagne, high tea and tequila. You’ve got twenty-four hours to rule the world, own the streets, blow up the microphone or play silly, sappy games like a fourteen year old at a sleepover. The last days are here, you’re almost married, almost a Mrs or a Ms (not that a title means much these days) and your crew are ready to dance up a storm, planning an impossibly amazing lineup of revelries and treasure hunts…But what if their carefully drawn up schedules of ludicrous fun don’t line up with what you want? Take heart, here’s a quick guide to steering your girlfriends in the right direction, before your last hurrah as a single woman nose-dives into more huh? And less RAH!

Are You Coming to Tea?

Does the idea of slushie slopped cocktails and waxed out strippers make you want to gag or possibly hide your face in your hands, stuck between mortification and bemusement? Contrary to popular belief, the hen’s night does not need to be a raging war-path of jello shots and party games, wrapped in innuendo. The reserved hen is more common than you’d think, preferring to treat herself (and her henhouse) to a luxurious body wrap or exfoliation treatment, relaxing in the sun before taking a dip in the freshwater plunge pool. Afterward, let the ladies mill around before guiding them into a trendy dining hall, delighting in towers of cakes, petit de fours and fresh tea or coffee, celebrating/mourning the end of singledom in style.

Nostalgia Marathon

If you’ve known the girls for any longer than a few months, there will be moments and histories better giggled over in the privacy and comfort of a warm lounge-room. Instead of heading out and getting plastered, invest in mani-pedi sets, vodka mixers, popcorn, chocolate and a reel of YOUR favourite movies, celebrating the innocence of adolescence, crowding around together on plush rugs and blankets. Introduce a few games similar to the slumber party stand-by Truth or Dare, and relive ex-boyfriends and dates gone wrong, as you play a naughty but nice of pin the “tail”.

Retail Wonders

Movies, luxury and tea aside, there is nothing more cohesive than shopping. Let your bridal party know you’d love to just –get away – from the wedding planning, in-laws, decorating; unleash the credit card and book a trip to your favourite shopping capital. Arrange a limo to pick up your stylish entourage and check into a five-star hotel, munching on room service and unwinding as the lights of a new city race by below, far away from the pressures of real life.

Shy brides, don’t despair, simply print out this list and tape it to the fridge of your Maid of Honour or hand it over to your mother; the women of your life should understand what you need. So dear reader, what about you? How did you spend your night away from your life-partner-to-be? Give us all the details.

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