Jun 172015

Things To Consider When Buying A Horse

It may be a dream of yours to own a horse. If this is the case, you need to think very carefully about this decision. Buying a horse is definitely not something you should rush into without totally considering all of the ramifications. It goes without saying that owning a horse will require a lot more time and effort than owning a dog or a cat. You need to do your homework and understand what is required to properly take care of a horse and keep the animal happy and healthy. Here are some of the main things to consider when buying a horse.

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Jun 142015

Caring For Your Horse

Just because your horse is a larger animal doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t need equine chiropractic care at some point. Some horses require attention if they are injured or if you ride the horses on a frequent basis. The weight of the person on the horse can cause stress to the horse’s back. The doctor can examine the horse to see the extent of the damage, and treatment options are determined.

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Jan 192014

Bring Some Happiness To Your World, Rescue A Puppy

Every year millions of dogs enter shelters and far too many are euthanized rather than adopted. Until you bring a puppy into your home, you will never fully comprehend the joy they can bring to your world. Understandably, you may have some concerns regarding potty training and accommodations for your puppy when you are at work. The PTPA potty training system can resolve your concerns by taking the stress out of potty training for you and your new puppy.

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