Sep 222011

7 Smart Ways to Reduce & Reuse

  • Reach for Reusable
  • One microfiber cloth can take the place of 60 rolls of paper towels before it needs replacing — and is gentle enough to use on nearly all surfaces (even eyeglasses). Keep a few handy for absorbing spills, wiping down counters, de-streaking mirrors, and more.

  • Mug Around
  • Bring your own travel cup to your favorite java point: Most places will fit it for you, and often at a discount. white you’re at it, start carrying a refillable water bottle.

  • Hug a Tree, Virtually
  • Before you hit the “print” button for that party E-vite or web driving directions, consider your options: Could you print on the back side of paper you’ve already used once? Jot down just the address if you’re going t a familiar area? Or maybe use the “note” feature on your cell phone? If you prefer not to print double-sided, the backs of cut-up, once-used printer sheets make excellent by-the-phone notepaper.

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