Jan 032014

Looking for a fast happiness boost? It’s easier that you may think-just tap into your feminine instincts.

Feel-Good Girlie Moods

Make a Bliss Buy

Okay, you may not need a leopard-print cell-phone cover, but it’s gratifying to splurge on an accessory simply because it caught your eye. The same way receiving a present reminds you that you’re loved, giving yourself a treat puts you in a cheerful state.

Dish the Dirt

Psst-ing about the latest hookup drama is not only delicious in small doses, it’s a friendship fuser too (as long as it’s positive). Research shows bonding over juicy news connects you to your pals.

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Aug 202013

Buying gifts for your special guy can be both fun and challenging. But if you know him really well then that shouldn’t be much of a problem for you. Lazada PH has a vast selection of items to choose from so you’ll definitely find something extraordinary, unique, and affordable. There are a couple of possible note worthy gifts for your man that you can check out at their site.

The Perfect Gifts For Your Man - Spalding Men's Sports Watch SP-33 (Blue)

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Jul 062012

Involved with a man who has feelings for you, but who’s not willing to alter his life for you? Here’s how to win in this kind of sticky sitch.

Your Gain-Ground Game Plan

Get a Clue

Take note of comments made by your partner about commitment-in your relationship and with others. How does he view it-and is it something he truly shares with you?

ID Your Issues

Past experience can affect how you view and judge your present situations. Understanding your own issues is crucial-so they’ll work for you and ultimately help you spot a toxic relationship and up your chances for a better one.

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