Feb 042014

Pet Boarding Facilities And Services

When people go away on vacation or business trips, their pets shouldn’t stay home alone. Fortunately, there are facilities that can provide full boarding and other services for pets that are left for an extended period of time. Dogs and cats can be left in secure, clean and friendly settings that are maintained by experienced staff members. Pet inns are essentially mini hotels for cats and dogs. The daily rates for pet boarding are usually less than $100 per night. Discounts may be available for pets that are left for at least a week. Continue reading »

Jan 272014

Get Back To Work -- Even Years Later

If you’ve kicked off your career pumps to become a full-time mommy, chances are you’ll eventually want to put the heels back on. But 73 percent of “off-rampers” have trouble “on ramping”, says a new Center for Work-Life Policy study in the US. Career coach Nancy Collamer, founder of Jobsandmoms.com, used to be an HR director, so she knows how to get you back to work. Her dos and dont’s:

☑ DO INVEST IN YOUR SUCCESS. Finding a job is a job in itself, and you have to prioritize the process. Get assistance with child care so you have time to update yourself on industry trends.

☑ DO AIM FOR A TARGET — OR THREE. A common mistake in women is saying they’re open to any job. Focus on a few types of jobs, then tailor a resume to each with an objective at the top.

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